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   Tectonophysics laboratory
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To 40-year anniversary of foundation by M.Gzovsky

the tectonophysics laboratory in IPE RAS

Moscow - IPE RAS - 13-18 October 2008


First information letter 1-st Circular

Dead line of abstracts submission - 1 June 2008 (Closed now)

Topics and contributions lectures of Conference
I. The theoretic basement of tectonophysics investigations
II. Tectonophysical simulation of  structures deformation and of rock massifs destructions process for solutions of fundamental and applied problems of physics of the Earth
III. The study of natural stress and strain for a solution of geodynamic problems
IV. Faults as geological and physical body
V. Tectonophysics for solutions of problems of prospecting and miming of mineral deposits
VI. Regional tectonics and seismic regime, geological, geophysical, seismological data

"Virtual laboratory of tectonophysical analysis of modern and paleo stress"